Rate Estimator Disclaimer for Non-Residential Customers

The Rate Estimator is a tool that provides Ameren commercial and industrial customers with an estimate of energy costs calculated on either the currently effective Ameren Missouri rates or the estimated Ameren Illinois rates. To begin, you will need your customer account number and meter number (both can be found on your Ameren bill).

Although every effort has been taken to ensure correct information in content and calculations, Ameren provides no warranty, express or limited, of any information in the Rate Estimator. The Rate Estimator is offered on an AS IS basis, and Ameren shall not be held liable to damages whatsoever which result from using the information contained in this web site.  

The Rate Estimator has been created for educational purposes only. Actual charges may vary depending on customer usage patterns, seasonal variations, or other factors. Not all possible combinations of Rates and Riders have been included in this calculation.  

The Ameren Illinois Rate estimator is based on the Delivery Service Rates that are currently in effect. Power Supply and Energy costs reflect those filed with the ICC. These costs are not expected to vary significantly for the twelve month period following their effective date. Transmission charges are estimates only and not based on actual Rider TS charges. The Ameren Companies do not endorse the estimated Transmission Charges. The customer assumes all risk inherent in reliance upon the rate estimator.  Estimates exclude all applicable Taxes, Supplemental Customer Charges, including Rider EDR, DS3, and DS4 Rate limiters, and various other charges, fees or adjustments.

If you accept the terms under which the tool is provided, select your Ameren Company and click I ACCEPT to proceed to the Rate Estimator. Otherwise, click I DO NOT ACCEPT to return to the ameren.com home page.
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